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Being yelled and cursed at, having stuff thrown at me, people trying to beat down doors I'm holding closed, death threats... when did this become a typical Saturday night?
2010 in Retrospect 12-31-10 22:27
Haven't posted on elowel for about a year and half so I thought maybe it was time for an update! (And I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2010.)

I don't think I ever take a moment to be proud of myself. I have good self-esteem and loads of confidence, but I'm always just thinking about the things I could have done better. So this is a look at all the GREAT things about 2010, because people should take time to reflect on the GOOD things they've done. I invite you all to do the same!

*Designed 2 shows academically, and 10 shows professionally (and resdesigned one show in seven venues total for 17 professional designs).

*Worked my sixth year professionally in theatre, my third year professionally as a designer.

*Designed a national tour which took me all over the US: NY, LA, Chicago, Dallas, etc.

*Had a blast interning at OSF. Got to do some pretty sweet projects with fiber optics.

*Was accepted into PsiChi- the national psychology honors association

*Took a course just for fun and just for me- Wine Tasting! (A business course!)

*Walked at June graduation Magna Cum Laude.

*Finished the coursework for not one, but two separate bachelor's degrees.

*Celebrated my four year anniversary with Ben, then celebrated our fifth Thanksgiving and Christmas together. <3

*Adopted a three-legged cat with a mysterious past (and insistent demeanor).

*Bought a motorcycle (and I rock it.)

*Lived completely alone for the first time (and loved it)

*Due to living alone, got the time and space to freely evolve as a person

*Expanded upon friendships with some AWESOME people

*Made some great international friends that I can't wait to visit in Ireland.

*Drank more (and flew more) in three weeks than I have in the rest of my life. Yea... that's what happens on an Irish tour. Drinking, planes, drinking, planes, dancing, drinking, fiddling, drinking, planes. Adventures and memories to last a lifetime!

*Advanced really far with my knitting- made some really really cool stuff!

*Became an aunty to little Mary Day (and knit her some really cute stuff).

*Was proposed to (and turned down) some cowboys. (Who couldn't believe that I wasn't married with several kids by my advanced age. -_-')

*Read a ton of books and plays, some for school, some for personal intellectual advancement, and some just for fun (I REALLY missed having time to read for fun during college.)

*Got both older, and younger.

So what will happen in 2011?

Finding a new apartment, finding a job, and deciding what population I want to work with BEFORE heading to grad school. My profs want me to go into research, but I'm not convinced yet. I think I want to work with people. I know that doctorate is in my future, but I want to be sure about what I want to do before starting in on it! I've spent so much time in theatre, and I'm grateful that I've been so successful with finding work that I'm able make a stable living off of it, but I think I've come to the decision that I want to pursue psychology instead.

Let's reflect on all the great things that have happened, and look forward to doing more great things!


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